Bob Double, the visionary founder and managing broker of Valu-Net Realty in Bloomington, Indiana, stands as a trailblazer in the real estate industry. His unwavering commitment to providing consumers with top-notch service during the home buying or selling process has set him apart, earning him a reputation as a pioneer in the field.

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What distinguishes Bob from others in the industry is his bold challenge to the traditional model of fixed commissions per transaction. While many in the real estate business have clung to this standard, Bob Double has fearlessly questioned the status quo. Recognizing the evolving landscape of real estate, he has introduced reduced rates for sellers by offering listing service for flat fee starting at $249.00 and commission refunds for buyers, providing a refreshing alternative for consumers.


In an industry where change can be met with resistance, Bob's approach has sparked both admiration and controversy. Some argue that the fixed commission structure is sacrosanct, a fundamental pillar of the real estate world. However, Bob Double remains steadfast in his belief that consumers should have options that align with their needs and financial considerations and does not feel that the commission amount should be a determining factor of what homes are available (REX V Zillow).


What truly sets Bob apart is his ability to balance reduced commission rates with an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled service. While some might assume that lowering costs could lead to a decline in service quality, Bob Double has defied that expectation. Valu-net Realty, under his leadership, continues to provide exceptional service, ensuring that clients not only save money but also receive the best possible assistance in their real estate endeavors.

Bob's commitment to innovation has not only benefited his clients but has also inspired others in the industry to reconsider their approaches. By challenging the fixed commission norm, he has opened a dialogue about the evolving nature of real estate transactions and the importance of adapting to meet the diverse needs of consumers.


In Bloomington, Indiana, Bob Double's name has become synonymous with a new era of real estate—one that prioritizes consumer choice and challenges established norms. As he continues to lead Valu-net Realty into the future, one thing remains clear: Bob Double is not just a real estate broker; he is a visionary reshaping the landscape of an entire industry.